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How British ex-pats in Germany will be celebrating the Royal Wedding

This is a guest post by Mary Conlon-Förster, President of the British Club of the Taunus e.V.

BCT Royal Wedding Card

Preparations for the British Club of the Taunus’ celebration of the marriage between HRH Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton started in January this year. As the Charles and Diana party had been so successful in 1981, it was decided to again hold the BCT celebrations in the home of one of our long-standing members. It did not take long for such a member to offer her home to us for this illustrious occasion and soon plans were being made for erecting pavilions in the garden and televisions and beamers in the living room. Getting 40 chairs together was quite a feat, but not as difficult as telling the ladies that although hats would be most appropriate, stiletto shoes would not go well with the parquet flooring! [Read more…]

Can you go shopping on Good Friday?

Hot Cross BunI was asked this week if the shops are open in Germany on Good Friday.

It’s a simple answer: no.

Even on Gründonnerstag (Maundy Thursday) many shops are required to shut earlier than usual, with supermarkets that usually stay open until 9pm, 10pm or even midnight on other days closing their doors at 8pm and not opening again until Saturday morning.

And when they do open there will be a last-minute rush for Osterhasen and generally a lot of people stocking up before everything shuts again for another two days.

With even the bakeries closed on Good Friday, the petrol stations will be doing a good trade and are probably the best place to go if you run out of anything over the weekend.

Osterhase? Nur solange der Vorrat reicht

“Nur solange der Vorrat reicht” is one of those standard German sentences that you often see on any type of special offer that a shop or online vendor advertises for.  Quite simply it means “while stocks last”.

So, as in the English equivalent, you might find that an offer is particularly popular and goes out of stock.

However, this being Germany there are rules on how long a product has to be “in stock” for a shop to be able to claim this, so that they do not purposely have very few available and just use the offer to get people to enter the store.  In the event that they do run out without a certain amount of time, they have to offer the consumers who want to take advantage of it the chance to receive the product later at the advertised price. [Read more…]

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