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What are the different types of TAN?

Laptop with card reader - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / MultiartMost banks in Germany that offer personal home banking use a system called PIN/TAN.  Account holders log into their accounts using either a username or their account number with a PIN (Persönliche Identifikationsnummer).

After that, to carry out any form of transactions, a TAN (Transaktionsnummer) is use.

Over the years, the system has tried to cope with the growing number of phishing attacks and security problems, meaning that there are a number of different TAN systems in use. [Read more…]

Neckarblühen – the Garden Show in Horb am Neckar

Horb am Neckar is a town in southern Germany, which lies – as the name suggest – on the Neckar river, just south of Stuttgart and on the edge of the Black Forest.

This summer the town is playing host to a garden show, aptly called the “Neckarblühen”“Blühen” means to blossom, and the river bank as well as several private gardens in the town are open to the public for the event.

Aerial view of part of the Neckarblühen Garden Show in Horb am Neckar 2011

Aerial view of part of the Neckarblühen Garden Show in Horb am Neckar

Most of the events and things to see are located along the river bank itself.  This has not only been planted, decorated, or improved specially for the occasion, but in many places it has been re-built completely to give it a more natural feel and remove some of the constraints on the river that were installed in the past.  At the same time, a new water-powered generating station has been added, which contrasts nicely with the water wheel exhibit at the other end of the grounds. [Read more…]

Last words on the Hessentag

Oberursel and Hessentag flagsThe Hessentag finished a month ago today, and yet the official events are not quite over.

In the end, around 1.4 million people came to Oberursel to visit the Hessentag, breaking the previous record with the procession on the last day alone having almost 4,000 participants.

Next week (25th-29th July) the remaining merchandise will be sold off in the foyer of the Rathaus.

And then… something typically German happens.  A by-law called the Hessische Gemeindeordnung (HGO) contains a paragraph (§ 8a) which calls for something called a Bürgerversammlung – a citizen’s meeting.  Such a meeting is taking place in the Stadthalle in Oberursel on Monday, 8th August, 2011 at 7pm.

Both supporters and critics of the Hessentag will be given the chance to put forward their opinions of the event, although I hope they do listen to the critics more than they did at the last information evening that I attended in December 2010.

Maybe the last word has not yet been heard…

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