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Störtebeker Festspiele 2013 – A new cycle with a new face

The Störtebeker Festspiele start their 2013 season this Saturday, and with the main figure Klaus Störtebeker losing his head at the end of last year’s production, this year sees a new actor – Bastian Semm – take over the role.

Taking on such a major role is surely not an easy task considering that it has only been played by two other actors in the past 20 years that the Festspiele have been going for, especially when one of them (Norbert Braun) is on the stage beside you playing Klaus Störtebeker’s father.  But Bastian is determined to make his mark and play his Klaus Störtebeker whilst keeping the elements that makes the character what it is.

Bastian Semm as Klaus Störtebeker

Bastian Semm as Klaus Störtebeker

But not just Klaus Störtebeker is being played by someone new, his friend Goedeke Michels also has a new appearance in the shape of Andreas Euler, again a role that the same actor had played for the past 10 years. [Read more…]

5 museums that I would like to visit

On my travels through Germany I often see signs to museums and places of interest that I would like to visit, but due to time constraints do not actually get round to straight away.

One day rather than driving by I would like to go back and visit these places.

Here are 5 of the more unusual ones that spring to mind:

The Unimog Museum

A musuem about a particular type of 4-wheel-drive vehicle that is known for its off-road qualities.  I first saw one of these vehicles on a camp site near Koblenz and saw the museum from a traffic jam whilst travelling through the black forest.

The Bauspar-Museum

A museum about saving money to buy or build a home.  I see the sign to it at least once a year, but I never seem to be there on a Sunday or public holiday when it is open.  It is located in Wüstenrot, home to one of Germany’s largest mortgage lenders. [Read more…]

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