Bio-ethanol – day three

Well, sort of day two really as I didn’t go anywhere yesterday.

This morning I went to Frankfurt on the motorway and was able to test the accelaration properly – I am more than impressed and I think it was even smoother and faster than my last car (maybe because the engine is a bit more powerful anyway).

This afternoon I had to go to Friedrichsdorf which took me through the middle of Bad Homburg. Again, apart from being a bit more powerful there I don’t think I could have told that bio-ethanol was in the tank if I didn’t actually know.

I managed to stall a couple of times on the car park, however. As it was 15°C I don’t think this can be down to the cold we had the rest of the week. Maybe it was me being too careful?

I have done just over 100km and that has used about 1/4 of the tank apparently, the board computer tells me that I have 500km left (the tank is currently filled just with E85 bio-ethanol and not yet mixed with normal petrol). This works out at 12l/100km, which is 23.5 mpg (UK) or 19.6 mpg (US). [Here is a useful conversion calculator]

Die Bildzeitung

The Bildzeitung, or BILD is the newspaper with the largest print run in Germany.

It is read by over 3 million people each day and is even printed in other countries so that Germans abroad can buy it whilst they are on holiday.

Although it is a national newspaper, there are 32 different regional editions.

To hear a simple explanation and a short discussion in German, listen to the podcast:

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(Press the “play” button to listen to the podcast)

Download a transcript

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A short video of the Rhine

Here is a short video that I took at the weekend whilst hiking from Rüdesheim to Oberwesel. It was shot from the vineyards overlooking Assmannshausen.

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More about this trip and the area another day…

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