The Mühlenwanderweg – walking where the mills used to be

It was only recently that I discovered the Mühlenwanderweg in Oberursel.  It happened quite by chance, as I wanted to walk from the International Scout Camp during the Hessentag into town, and my route took me that way.  Otherwise, I may still not have known it was there.

So when I found out that the local history society (Verein für Geschichte und Heimatkunde) was offering a guided walk along part of the path, I decided to go along and find out more.

The Mühlenwanderweg in Oberursel in the woods behind Frankfurt International School

In the woods behind Frankfurt International School

The Mühlenwanderweg starts in the woods at the Hohemark, behind the new Taunus Information Centre. [Read more…]

New Taunus Information Centre at the Hohemark

Taunus Informationszentrum (TIZ) - front viewThe new Taunus-Informationszentrum, or TIZ for short, opened this weekend.

Located just across the road from the end of the U3 train line, it is on the grounds of what used to be… the end of the U3 train line (or tram line 24 as it used to be called) which places it at the foot of the Feldberg.

The centre combines a general information point for visitors, with a restaurant for walkers and a hands-on exhibition about the nature and geology of the Taunus area.

Inside the main reception area there is a wide selection of brochures and detailed information about the towns in the Taunus area, but also [Read more…]

A trip on the Rhine

This is the final part of the series about my weekend walking between Rüdesheim and Oberwesel. Part five can be found here.

The final part of our journey was to take place on the aptly named boat “Jeverland”, run by the Köln-Düsseldorfer line. We boarded in Oberwesel and sat back to enjoy the journey to Rüdesheim.

The “Jeverland” at the berth in Oberwesel

The slow pace allowed us to look at the paths and places that we had been to the previous day, as well as seeing part of the Rhine that we had missed by sitting in the train.  One example of this was Burg Pfalzgrafenstein. Built in the first half of the 14th Century and positioned in the middle of the river, this was once a customs house and has the unique form of a ship.

Burg Pfalzgrafenstein, standing in the middle of the Rhine

Next we came to Lorch, where we had stopped to eat the day before.

Lorch, seen from the river

After Lorch came the vineyards – here we could see the route that we had taken.

The vineyards on the slopes south of Lorch

After that – the part of the path that went through the woods. In the photo you can see how the vineyards suddenly stop and the slopes are covered with trees.

The woods and vineyards between Assmannshausen and Lorch

After the next vineyards we passed Assmannshausen. In the background are the school that we walked by, the start of the steps that we used to go down to the town and the chair lift.

Assmannshausen, seen from the river

Once again we passed the Mäuseturm, standing in the middle of the river.

The Mäuseturm

Then came the Niederwalddenkmal, standing high above the vineyards of Rüdesheim

The Niederwalddenkmal, seen from the river

Until we rounded the final corner and Rüdesheim came into view.

Rüdesheim waterfront

Here we left the river behind us and stopped in the town for lunch.


The final part of the walk took us back through the streets of Rüdesheim…

One of the “trains” that takes visitors on rides through the vineyards of Rüdesheim

… and up the hill at the back of the town, back through the vineyards to the youth hostel where the cars were waiting for us.

A last look back towards Rüdesheim and the Rhine

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