Re-vitalising blogs in 2010

After taking a long hard look at 2009, I have decided that I want to do more blogging in 2010.  One inspiration may have been the book “Beyond Blogging” that came out only a few days ago and which I am currently reading, but another has been that although we put a lot of effort into our blogs and they are certainly making a nice amount of money, it is not enough to live on and I feel that more is possible.

Also, I often feel that I have lots of ideas for content and just don’t have the time to write posts that could be useful to our readers.  I would like to write more about places to visit in Germany that I can recommend, or computer tips on our Computius site.

The Cymeradwyo Project has, with the exception of the .de site, been laying dormant for most of the year.  Whilst I have allowed some guest posting on it, and may continue to do so, I have rejected a lot of posts that were submitted.  I would like to re-activate the project and thus dedicate a lot more time to blogging and podcasting.

The first step will be to re-work a lot of the plug-ins and themes on some of our sites to bring them up to date.  I will be documenting this on, so please stay tuned to this site (via the RSS feed for example) to see what happens over the coming months.

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