New playground at the Maasgrundweiher

One of the projects at the Hessentag in Oberursel that will remain standing after the event is the new playground at the Maasgrundweiher – a lake located on the outskirts of the town.

One of the traditions of the Hessentag is for the state of Hesse to finance a project that will benefit a community in the long term.

The new playground being opened at the Maasgrundweiher in Oberursel

The new playground being opened at the Maasgrundweiher in Oberursel - Volker Bouffier, Dr. Walter Botermann (Alte Leipziger), Peter Schmidt (Lions Club), Hans-Georg Brum, Christian Peter, Charmaine Weisenbach

The playground was officially opened this afternoon by the Ministerpräsident of Hesse, Volker Bouffier, together with the mayor of Oberursel Hans-Georg Brum and the Hessentagspaar who travelled there on their Segways. [Read more…]

The Hessentag has started

The afternoon saw the official opening of the Hessentag in Oberursel.  After 4 years of planning (and roadworks), the day had arrived when the building work stopped and the party began.

The opening took place in the Rushmoor Park, located on one side of the town near to the Maasgrund.  Musicians from Stierstadt entertained the crowd during the long hot wait, until the Ministerpräsident of Hesse – Volker Bouffier – arrived with his wife, Ursula, the mayor Oberursel Hans-Georg Brum, Landrat Ulrich Krebs and the Hessentagspaar.

Volker Bouffier opens the 51st Hessentag in Oberursel

Volker Bouffier opening the Hessentag in Oberursel

Also attending were representatives from the towns of Wetzlar and Vellmar, where the Hessentag is due to take place in 2012 and 2013 respectively. [Read more…]

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