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Lärchenweg closed on Monday

The Lärchenweg will be closed on Monday, 28th August, 2017 from 8.30am until 12 noon to allow concrete walls to be delivered.

Pedestrians and cyclists should still be able to pass the building site.

Meiersberg closed

The “Meiersberg” road will be closed from Monday, 28th August, until Friday, 1st September, 2017, to allow for a crane to be erected.

Pedestrians and cyclists will still be able to pass the building site.

Christel und Bernd Ehmann – Golden Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Rings - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / montegoCongratulations to Christel und Bernd Ehmann in Bommersheim who are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary today!

3,000 step walk for senior citizens in Weißkirchen

Group of Senior Citizens walking - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / micropixA 3,000 step walk for senior citizens is taking place in Weißkirchen on Wednesday, 30th August 2017.

To take part, be at the “Altes Rathaus” (Urselbachstraße 59) at 9.30am.

Road closed in Bommersheim, buses diverted

Work started today (Monday, 21st August, 2017) in the road “An der Friedenslinde” in Bommersheim and is set continue until the end of March 2018.

The road and pavements are being re-surfaced and the level of the bus stops adjusted to allow step-free access to the buses.

While the work is going on, bus routes 42, 46, 47 and 49 are being diverted.  The stops “An der Friedenslinde”, “Kalbacher Straße” and “Goldackerweg” cannot be serviced, instead the buses will travel along the Lange Straße and will stop at the Burgstraße on both directions, the Goldackerweg travelling into Oberursel and “Im Ölgarten” when travelling towards Weißkirchen.


Breakfast Buffet at the Seniorentreff

The Seniorentreff in the “Altes Hospital” (Hospitalstraße 9) will be holding a breakfast buffet on Friday, 26th August, 2017 between 9am and 10.30am, with food and drink costing €6 per person.

To take part, register in advance by calling 06171 585333 and leave a message on the answerphone if necessary.

Even in the rain the woods can be fun

The Waldfest in Oberursel traditionally takes place on the last Saturday of the school holidays, which in this year fell on the 12th of August.  Regular visitors will have found lots of familiar faces and activities from previous years.  Bernd Peppler and Liisa Inkinen were there with their birds of prey “Ukko” the eagle owl and “Pekko” the harris hawk.  There were stands to learn about bees, and nature quiz and of course the pond observations.  There were guided tours through the woods, as well as coffee, cakes, salads and the barbeque.

But there were also a lot of new things, starting with the opening at 12 noon which was carried out this year by the vice-chairman of the Schulwald supporters: Thorsten Schorr, who explained to the guests what other new things they could expect. [Read more…]

Karin und Gerhard Papenberg – Golden Wedding Anniversary

Golden Wedding Rings - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / montegoCongratulations to Karin und Gerhard Papenberg Oberursel who are celebrating their Golden Wedding Anniversary today!

Bingo at the Seniorentreff

Bingo - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / iofotoThe Seniorentreff in Oberursel will be offering an afternoon of Bingo on Thursday, 24th August 2017 between 2.30pm and 4.30pm in the “Altes Hospital” (Hospitalstraße 9).

Anyone who is interested is invited to come along and try their luck!

Police issue warning about trick phone calls

Police in Bad Homburg and Oberursel have issued a warning after a number of phone calls were reported to them.

The callers used a trick in the phone system to show the number “110” on the display of the receiver’s phone.  The police advise that they do not use this number when calling someone.

The callers target the elderly, and ask them about valuables and cash that they have at home.  They then tell them that they have received information that they are about to be burgled, and are going to send someone round to take their valuables to the police station for safe keeping.  Obviously if they did hand them over to whoever turned up they would not see them again.

The real police will not ask questions about valuables in the home, and will not asked where they are hidden.  They do not take cash or valuables for safe keeping.

Anyone who receives such calls is advised to put the phone down and inform the local police.  (Oberursel: 06171 62400, Bad Homburg: 06172 1200).

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