Christmas tree collection delayed

Normally Christmas Trees in Oberursel are collected from the roadside on a single day in January.  This year, that day should have been Saturday, 14th January.

However the company that was due to collect them was unable to complete the tour, so in many areas trees are still laying in front of buildings and on the footpaths.

These trees should be collected in the coming days.  If they are not, send an e-mail to

Trees (without decorations) may also be put into the Biotonne or taken to the recycling depot.

Christmas Trees waiting to be collected in Im Rosengärtchen

Changes to refuse collections after Whitsun

Due to Whit Monday being a bank holiday, the black and green bins in Oberursel will be emptied a day later next week, ie. on Tuesday instead of Monday and Saturday instead of Friday.

The yellow sacks and bins will be emptied as follows:

Area D: Tuesday, 21st May

Area C: Wednesday, 22nd May

Area B: Thursday, 23rd May

Area A: Friday, 24th May

The paper collections (blue) will be emptied as follows:

Area 9: Tuesday, 21st May

Area 10: Wednesday, 22nd May

Area 11: Thursday, 23rd May

Area 12: Friday, 24th May

To find out which area any given street is any, download this PDF file.

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