Television News

The main German television news programmes are “ZDF Heute” at 7pm on ZDF and “Tagesschau” at 8pm on ARD.

Both channels provide excellent web sites where you can read the latest stories and watch a selection of videos from the news reports.

Tagesschau Website

ZDF Heute Website

If your German is not that strong, then you may like to try “Tagesschau” in English or the version for children, which uses simpler language and very often provides a spoken version of the article.

Tagesschau in English

Tagesschau für Kinder

There are also 24 hour news channels: n-tv and n24.




Germany has several national newspapers and countless regional ones. The main national papers are BILD, Die Welt and Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). FAZ uses are more serious language, while BILD uses much simpler German.


Die Welt


The regional paper for our area (Taunus, north of Frankfurt) is the “Taunus Zeitung”.

Taunus Zeitung

Some towns also have their own local newspaper, eg. in Bad Homburg, Oberursel and Friedrichsdorf these are published by the “Hochtaunusverlag GmbH” (Tip: you can download the entire newspaper as a PDF file free of charge)

Hochtaunusverlag (z.B. Oberurseler Woche)


There are three main news magazines: Stern, Spiegel and Focus. Focus is newer and first appeared in the 1990s.


Spiegel Online


There are special online editions of Spiegel for students and schoolchildren.




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