What does the Klinik Hohe Mark do?

Last night in “Orschel2nite” I talked to Anke Berger-Schmitt (in German) about the Klinik Hohe Mark. Many people who have lived in Oberursel will know about the clinic and probably visited one of the man events that take place there, but most have little idea of what goes on inside:

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1st CSD in Hochtaunuskreis

Last weekend I went to the first Christoph Street Day event to be held in Hochtaunuskreis to report on it for the Bad Homburger Woche. My article is on the front page today. Click here to read it (in German).

Hochtaunus-CSD: Bunt, laut, gut gelaunt

KiFaz 50th Anniversary

When the “Kinder- und Familienzentrum im Rosengärtchen” (which is often shortened to KiFaz) celebrated their 50th anniversary, I went along to report on it for the Oberurseler Woche:

Click here to read the article in German.

50 Jahre KiFaz Rosengärtchen: 1974 war die Arbeit etwas anders

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