20 years of helping Children in Kenya

The Kenia Kinder Hilfe e.V. is a charity based in Oberursel that runs an orphanage with school and training centre in Kenya. They recently celebrated their 20th anniversary:

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Hünerbergwiesen, Oberursel

The Hünerbergwiesen are located outside of Oberursel, heading towards Kronberg and Falkenstein. It is one of those places so near, and yet I had never been there until last week.

The area is a protected nature reserve and it is forbidden to enter the fields themselves, but there are fenced paths crossing them with the area covering just over 21 hectares of land. The fields are mown once a year but otherwise it is one of the last fields in the area that where fertiliser has not been used.

The Hünerbergwiesen were created in the 16th century when local farmers cut down the trees illegally, resulting in an argument over who owned the land that went on until the 18th century. They are separated at one point by a strip of woods and a stream called the “Waldwiesenbach”.

To reach the area from Oberursel, walk past the Hohe Mark Klinik along the Friedländerstraße and once in the woods take the first path to the left. Alternatively, there is a car park at the dip in the B455 road between Oberursel and Kronberg, from which a path leads northwards directly to the southern most tip of the fields.

An Interview with Marion Unger

In 2004 Marion Unger followed the call for new tour guides in Oberursel and has been giving tours in and around the town ever since. In 2009 she took over the chair of the local history society, and in 2018 her book “Oberursel zu Fuß: Die schönsten Sehenswürdigkeiten zu Fuß entdecken” was published, which takes readers on a tour of the town and suggests places to visit and things to see when doing so. In 2020 she was awarded the citizens’ medal.

Recently she talked to us about her book and read excerpts from it (the interview is in German):

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