Karfreitag is the name for Good Friday – the Friday before Easter Sunday. It is also known as Stiller Freitag or Hoher Freitag and is a day in remembrance of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. For Catholics it is a day of fasting and traditionally people eat fish on this day and avoid alcohol. In Germany it is a public holiday.   … [Read more...]


Gründonnerstag is the German name for Maundy Thursday.  It is the day before Karfreitag. On this day, people go to Church to be freed of their sins in order to make a “clean” start for Easter, thus leading to one explanation of the name: the idea is that “green wood” is said to be fresh. Another reason for the name may be that it is the end of the fasting season, and … [Read more...]


Palmsonntag (Palm Sunday) is the Sunday before Easter. On this day the Church remembers Christ’s entry into Jerusalem, riding a donkey, where the bystanders waved palm leaves and hailed “Hosana”. In addition the Catholic Church remembers Christ’s suffering – the so-called Passion, whereas the Protestant Church does this later on in the week on Good Friday. On this day … [Read more...]

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