Das Bauamt

The term Bauamt is the name given to a set of offices in local and area governments which have a wide variety of responsibilities. One part is responsible for the maintenance of public buildings, but the part that most people will come into contact with is the part for giving planning permision ("Baugenehmigung") to new buildings or changes to existing ones. They also … [Read more...]

Das Finanzamt

The Finanzamt is the German tax office. Normally, you only contact with the Finanzamt will be your annual tax return - the Einkommenssteuererklärung. However, if you are self-employed then you will come into close contact with it as you are involved in Umsatzsteuer (VAT) for your business and taxes such as Lohnsteuer for your employees. The Finanzamt also collects … [Read more...]

Das Arbeitsamt

Das Arbeitsamt is a name given to the Bundesagentur für Arbeit - the German unemployment agency. It is responsible for helping unemployed people find jobs and processing their claims for unemployment benefit (Arbeitslosengeld).  It is also possible to go there for career advice. A separate part of the agency deals with employers, for example when they apply for an … [Read more...]

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