Lametta is a Christmas decoration found in German homes and in particular on Christmas trees. Similar to tinsel, it is hung over the branches to simulate icicles. Originally it was made from a substance called "Stanniol", which is Tin (Sn) flattened to make it into a foil. To add weight to the Lametta, lead or even silver were added. Often this meant that it was used on … [Read more...]


Lebkuchen is a type of cake associated with Christmas. It is baked using honey and a number of spices and is known throughout Germany by a variety of names such as Pfefferkuchen and Magenbrot. There are filled and unfilled versions, some covered in chocolate. It tastes similar to gingerbread. … [Read more...]


Räuchermännchen are wooden figures that originated in the area around the Ore mountains. First appearing in the early 19th Century, they are used to burn Räucherkerzen - candles that let off a scent when burnt. They are usually in the form of a craftsman or someone from a particular trade such as a woodsman. … [Read more...]


Spekulatius is a type of spiced biscuit that is eaten at Christmas in Germany. As well as the normal form of the biscuit, there are variations made with almonds or with extra butter. The form of the biscuits tells the story of St. Nicholas. Because of the price of the spices involved, these biscuits were expensive to make until the 1950s, so they are considered to be … [Read more...]


The Bergmannsfigur is a traditional Christmas decoration in the Erzgebirge area of Germany. They are wooden figures that hold a candle in each hand. On becoming a father it was the duty of each man to make one of these figures, in the shape of a miner for a boy or an angel for a girl. These were placed in the windows of the houses and provided candlelight for the streets … [Read more...]

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