Das Jugendamt

The Jugendamt is an office, usually located in each Kreis or Kreisstadt and sometimes in other large towns. The office is not only responsible for child protection and assisting parents that are unable to cope with their children, but also to arrange courses and activities for children. They are also a point of contact for clubs and societies, eg. to apply for financial … [Read more...]


The 11th November is known as Martinstag or Sankt Martin. Originally the start of a 40-day period of fasting before Christmas, it is now more associated with the processions of children holding lanterns that take place after dark. Many families eat goose on this day. The day also sees the start of the Karneval season.   … [Read more...]

Das Sandmännchen

The Sandmännchen is an animated figure in German childrens’ television. It is shown every day on KiKa (“Kinderkanal”) just before 7pm. The Sandmann shown today is evolved from an East-German production, as can be seen by some of the buildings and clothing in the series. The puppet arrives in the scene and introduces a short film to the children. After the film he sends the … [Read more...]

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