Christi Himmelfahrt

Christi Himmelfahrt is known in English as Ascension Day. It is celebrated on the 40th day after Easter Monday. The name comes from the New Testament, where it is described how Jesus ascended to heaven having shown himself to his aspostles 40 days after the resurrection. The day is a bank holiday in all of Germany as has been since 1936, although it was not celebrated in … [Read more...]

Buß- und Bettag

Buß- und Bettag is a day celebrated in the Evangelical Church. It is a day on which to change one's direction and to turn to God as the Church year comes to an end and we move towards Advent. It was previously a national holiday, but this was changed from 1995 onwards to finance the new Pflegeversicherung. It remains a holiday in Saxony. Many families start their … [Read more...]


Allerheiligen is celebrated on 1st November each year. It is a public holiday in a number of western Bundesländer, and has been celebrated in the Roman Catholic Church since the 9th Century. The next day is Allerseelen (2nd November), and it is on these days that people visit and tend to the graves of their deceased relatives. It is not a public holiday in Hessen and as … [Read more...]

Der Reformationstag

The Reformationstag is celebrated on 31st October each year. It is the day on which in 1517 Martin Luther nailed his 95 theses to the church door in Wittenberg, critising certain aspects of the Catholic Church and thus starting the Reformation in Germany. It is a bank holiday mainly in the eastern part of the country. … [Read more...]

Tag der Deutschen Einheit

The Tag der Deutschen Einheit ("Day of German Unity") is celebrated each year as a public holiday on 3rd October. In 1990 it replaced the previous holidays of 17th June in West Germany and 7th October in East Germany. The main celebrations are held in the capital city of a different state each year. The date was chosen arbitrarily and celebrates the day in 1990 when … [Read more...]

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