The night the Wall came down… 5 years on

Five years ago I wrote an article for this website called “The night the Wall came down”, at a time when Germany was commemorating 20 years since the fall of the Berlin wall.

In front of the Berlin Wall in November 1996

In front of the Berlin Wall in November 1996

Now that another five years have passed all the talk this weekend is of the 25th anniversary, and that article is as valid as ever.  Except that one thing has changed: I have now spent more time in the Eastern part of the country.

I have been to the island of Rügen located in Baltic Sea five times now, and taken different routes and seen different parts of the landscape each year.

On Rügen itself I have come face to face with some of that East German history, and visited areas that were off-limits to normal East German citizens until 1990 – some of which will appear in future articles.

I still haven’t been back to Berlin.

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A sample of “Lippi-Bekenntnisse”

Lippi-Bekenntnisse - Unverblümte Plauderein über ein authentisches LebenBack in September I wrote about “Lippi-Bekenntnisse”, the autobiography of the German singer and television presenter Wolfgang Lippert.

Well now you can read a sample of the book on-line, all you have to do is “Like” the author’s Facebook page.

Click here to go to Wolfgang Lippert’s Facebook page

Once you have clicked on “Like”, or “Gefällt mir”, the sample text (called “Leseprobe” in German) will be in the “Willkommen” tab.

And if you like what you read, then please use one of the links below to buy the book on-line – yes, it’s even available in the UK through Amazon!

Buy “Lippi-Bekenntnisse” at

Buy “Lippi-Bekenntnisse” at

The GDR Transcript Pack

The “GDR Pack” is a collection of 6 transcripts, each in their own PDF file. The pack is a ZIP file containing the 6 PDFs and is available from the AllThingsGerman Download Store.

The transcripts in this pack are:

To find out more, visit the AllThingsGerman Download Store.

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