Testing the Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet on Rügen

Last year during my time on Rügen I went in search of Chinese “all-you-can-eat” type buffets and found that although there were a number of Chinese restaurants on the island, the only one that I could find offering a buffet was the “China Garten” in the Dammstraße in Bergen auf Rügen.

China Garten in Bergen auf Ruegen

China Garten in Bergen auf Ruegen

But due to lack of time I did not actually go in and try it. So this year, I decided it was time to go and found out just how good the buffet and the restaurant are.

I commented last year on the problem of parking. As it turned out there were plenty of spaces just down the road available, even with a festival going on in the centre of the town, so that was not a problem. [Read more…]

Inside Oberursel’s Station

Oberursel Station May 2012Last November I had a chance to look around the newly restored station building in Oberursel.  At the time work was still going on inside the building itself.  With the exception of the service store, only the outside had been completed.

That situation has now changed and yesterday I went back to see how the rooms inside have been transformed. [Read more…]

Fanta comes from Germany

Fanta cans - ©iStockphoto.com/shawn_hempelFanta, the orange fizzy drink produced and distributed by the Coca-Cola Company, is known throughout most parts of the world.  And yet how many people know that the drink originated in Germany?

I was fascinated by the story when I read it for the first time.

During the Second World War it was not possible for the German Coca-Cola subsidiary to import the raw materials necessary to make the original Coca-Cola drink.

Faced with the problem of not having a product to sell, the German bosses came up with an alternative product made from what was available at the time.  The name “Fanta” stems from the German word Fantasie (fantasy).

Amongst the products used were the leftovers from cider and cheese production!

I do wonder how many other things that are known worldwide were invented or discovered in Germany, without that fact about them being well known.  Two that spring to mind – although they are almost 100 years apart – are X-Rays (by Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen) and the MP3-format (by the Fraunhofer Institut).

Any more suggestions?

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