Burger King offer for ADAC members

Burger King in Germany are currently offering members of ADAC a discount of 1 Euro on their “King Menus”.  All you have to do is show your ADAC membership card when ordering.

The ADAC offer, announced on a tray insert in Burger King

The offer cannot be combined with other offers, and I do not know if every branch is taking part, or how long the offer is on for.  But with student membership currently starting at 19 Euros per year, if it runs long enough then I am sure that for some, the membership may pay for itself!

German Christmas Cards

It is almost December, and our thoughts will soon be turning towards Christmas cards.

So how about ordering Christmas cards from Germany to use if you are living overseas? Sounds crazy? Well, last year I found a supplier who can deliver to about 120 countries. I was asked to remind readers of the blog a little earlier this year. So here is the link again.

Why not give them a try:

Sending flowers

Valentine’s day is coming soon – so if you’re looking for a way to send flowers to your loved one in Germany, try FloraPrima.

Click on the image below and then change the site to English if you need to. You can also send to many other countries.

FloraPrima Ihr Blumenversand

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