The Crystal Cave near Weilburg (Kubacher Kristallhöhle)

The Crystal Cave near Weilburg (called the Kubacher Kristallhöhle in German, and located in “Kubach”) is a something very special.  This type of cave is apparently the only one of its kind in Germany, and there is a fascinating story to its discovery.

The story goes that in 1881 miners looking for phosphorite stumbled by chance on an underground cave full of stalagtites and stalagmites that was so big, apparently the local church was said to have fitted in it.  But as this was not the mineral that they were looking for, the entrance was filled in and the cave’s location forgotten.

Except that not only did the miners tell other local people and even the press about the cave, they allegedly brought some of the stalagtites back to the surface that are now in a local museum.

Over the years the story was passed on about the cave, until in 1973 holes were bored in the area that it was believed to be located in.

Whilst those boreholes did not find the cave being sought after, it did find one with rare crystals on the wall.

In the years that followed a pathway down to the cave was excavated and since 1981 visitors have been able to take tours around it.  At the deepest point the floor of the cave is 78m below ground, and this part of the cave is 30m high – the highest cave that is open to the public in Germany.

Inside the Crystal Cave

Inside the Crystal Cave

The tour takes about 45 minutes and afterwards visitors can also go in the museum above ground, which shows more about how the cave was discovered but also about the mining that used to take place in the area.

In front of the entrance a number of larger stones form a mineral museum, with many of the stones coming from the local area.

Outside the surface building in the open-air mineral museum

Outside the surface building in the open-air mineral museum

Going down into the cave is an exciting experience, but it is not possible for everyone.  Warning signs at the entrance list a range of medical conditions which are prohibitive to making the descent.  These include anyone who has had a heart attack, suffers from angina pectoris, or is taking nitrus-based medication.  Sturdy shoes are also recommended for the 347 steps down to the cave’s entrance.

Weilburg-Kubach is located about one hour’s drive north-west of Frankfurt, just off the B456 road.  The cave’s website is


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  1. The cave is worth a visit.
    And as we all know – don’t forget to bring a warm jacket!

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