Which shops are open or closed during the Hessentag?

The Vorstadt before the HessentagWith Oberursel expecting 100,000 visitors per day at the Hessentag and the roads in the town centre being closed to traffic, many businesses have had to deal with the question of whether they stay open or not.

It is particular problem for shops in and around the pedestrian precinct as they can only have goods delivered between 6am and 9.30am, whilst at the same time they know that their customers are unlikely to have transport and may go somewhere else instead.

So to find out who is staying open and who is going to close, I went into the Vorstadt this morning and asked the shopkeepers.  Here is what I found out:


  • Joachim Heister (Kurzwaren & Knöpfe)
  • Metzgerei Klein (customers are advised to visit the shop in Oberhöchstadt)

Limited opening times

  • Number One (Mon-Fri 9-11 and by appointment)

Open as usual

  • Wiener Feinbäcker
  • DM Drogerie
  • Blume 2000
  • Kröger Brötchen
  • Eiscafé Cortina
  • Abele Optik
  • Richie Sanders Hair World
  • Fielmann
  • Oberurseler Schlüsseldienst Oliver Lückede
  • Kappus Parfümerie
  • Planet (Fashion)
  • McPaper
  • Ihr Platz
  • Farbenhaus Leser

Open for longer

  • Columbus Apotheke (open 9am-11pm, 24h at weekends and on Whit Monday)
  • AWC (Fashion – open Mon-Fri until 10pm and on Sundays)
  • Bäckerei Eifler (open daily)
  • Present (gift shop, open daily)
  • Rompel (normal opening times and open on Sunday 12th)

Don’t Know

  • Photo Porst

Taking part in the Hessentag

  • LOKKI am Bahnhof – the shop will be closed, but they have their own programme of events planned
  • Bäckerei Ruppel – the shop itself will be closed, but they will have a stand in front of it which will be open every day until 10pm
  • Schwebebad Oberursel will be offering tours of their floating tanks and salt grottos

Please note that we take no liability for the accuracy of the information given to us by the stores named here. If you have additions or corrections, please use our contact form.


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