10 Things to do near Frankfurt-Hahn

Frankfurt-Hahn may sound close to the city of Frankfurt, but as I’ve written before, it is actually 126km away.

So rather than taking the bus to Frankfurt, here are some things you might like to do that are a little closer:

  1. Drink wine.  Although Hahn is located in the area called the Hunsrück, one of Germany’s main wine-growing areas, the Mosel is only a few kilometres away.
  2. Visit Cochem.  The town lies on the border between the two regions and has a lovely old town, with cafés on the waterfront and even a castle overlooking the river.  Although a fair size, it is sufficiently off the beaten track – and away from the motorway network – to be peaceful, especially as most of the town centre is free of traffic.
  3. Take a trip on the river.  The River Mosel flows from Koblenz, past Cochem and Alf, onwards to the historic town of Trier – allegedly the oldest town in Germany.
  4. Hire a bicycle.  For example in Alf, where the hotels are bicycle-friendly and the hire prices start at around 5EUR/day.
  5. Visit a museum.  The area is documented in the Hunsrück-Museum in Simmern, and the entrance prices are more than reasonable!
  6. Take a walk.  There are 9 different walking routes around Hahn with a total length of 30km.
  7. Go to a football match.  Hahn has its own team.
  8. Play Golf.  Hahn has a 9-hole course (Par 72).
  9. Visit a festival, eg. the Cochem plum festival.  Needless to says that almost every town has a wine festival and a Christmas market.
  10. Visit Luxembourg – it’s only 70km away to the west.  That’s closer than Frankfurt!

Do you have any more suggestions?

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