Read “A Christmas Carol” in German for free

One way to practise German is to read a book where you already know the story in English.

Many people will be familiar with “A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens, and at the time of writing Amazon in Germany are offering a version of the book for the Kindle as a free download.

All you really need is an account with, and if you don’t have a Kindle – or don’t want to change yours over to the German shop – then you can use one of the apps to read the book on a tablet or even use the cloud reader for the PC.

Click on the book cover to visit the download page on

The book was free at the time of writing this article.  Please make sure that it is still being offered as such before downloading it.

How to write a German CV – now on Kindle

How to write a German CVMy e-book “How to write a German CV” is now available on Amazon as a Kindle download, where it costs slightly less than here in the download store.  On the other hand, the Kindle version is not in PDF and does not include the audio book.

Kindle books can also be viewed using the software for Windows, Mac, or even with iPad and Android apps, so if you are happy with the restrictions, then you could install one of these and read the book that way and save on the price.  Of course, that also opens up a whole range of other books for you as well, as many classic books are available for the Kindle reading software for free.

Here are the links to the Amazon stores where the book is listed:

(Thanks to Ben Curtis for his guide on how to publish to the Kindle which was a great help!)

How to write a German CV

How to write a German CVIt is now 18 years since I first applied for a job in Germany.  In the autumn of 1992 I returned to University armed with a collection of addresses of companies in Germany that I wanted to apply to.  Many of them I had found in newspaper advertisements whilst on holiday, others came from a directory of British companies with German offices.

In the end, I wrote to 75 of them.  I sent a cover letter explaining that I was looking for a 12 month placement as part of my degree course and included a my CV (that’s the resumé for my American readers!)

A few never responded.  Others wrote back thanking me for my interest, but saying they could not offer me a placement in their company.  However one did invite me to an interview at Gatwick airport, and the following year I started work at the German branch of Psion. [Read more…]

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