Kiki Kufenflitzer – Der Eiskristall

Kiki Kufenflitzer - Der EiskristallThis afternoon I took my daughter to a reading of “Kiki Kufenflitzer – Der Eiskristall” by the author, former German figure skating champion and actress Tanja Szewczenko in Heddesheim.

Arriving in good time, we were somewhat surprised to find out that we should have arranged tickets in advance, as there had been no mention of this on the website where we had read about it, but luckily we were still able to get in at the last minute.

Apart from this small hiccup, everything was well organised, with a warm area at the front for the children to sit on, and chairs further back for the parents. [Read more…]

Bad Homburg Christmas Market

The ice rink in Bad Homburg

The ice rink in Bad Homburg

This week the Monday Podcast visited the Christmas Market in Bad Homburg, well at least part of it.

The market has been split into two parts this year, with the main market being at the castle, whilst there is a smaller set of stalls in front of the Kurhaus.  At the smaller market, however, there is also an ice rink and this was our main destination.

I’m not sure why the market has been split in this way.  It is a shame for the parents of children who want to go on the ice, as they only have a limited selection of stalls that they can visit.  It would have been much nicer to have had everyone on one site.

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Ice Skating in Frankfurt

For today’s Monday Podcast I took my daughter, Sarah, ice skating in Frankfurt.

The main indoor part of the complex was being used for ice hockey practise, so we watched that for a while and skated on the outdoor rink and ring.


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Eissporthalle Frankfurt

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