See-saw energy

Here’s a novel idea: creating electricity using a children’s see-saw!
Doesn’t the idea sound so simple, and yet effective.  Especially the idea that other playground equipment could be used to create electricity as well.  How about a roundabout with a built-in dynamo?
Well anyway, having read that article it set me thinking.  Why does the project just have to be for Africa?  Why can we not develop and use this novel idea for European playgrounds as well?
After all, we talk so much these days about carbon-emissions and finding a cleaner and more environmentally-friendly way of generating electricity.  Here’s an idea that could really work!
I could just imagine the local playgrounds here generating and storing electricity during the daytime, in order to use it for the street lighting at night.
I think that inventor deserves a lot more funding and hope that one day his idea becomes a reality – all over the world!

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