IRRLAND in Kevelaer

IRRLAND* is an amusement park located in Kevelaer, not far from the Dutch border.  Although I had heard about it some years previously, it was not until the summer of 2010 that I actually went there.  When I did, I was pleasantly surprised.

You could say that the surprise started at the car park.  Put simply: it’s huge and it’s free, so no problem with parking.

Water slidesBut what is really good is how the park differs from most of the large amusement parks in terms of prices and what you can bring with you.

This year (2015), for example, entry costs just  €5 per person, regardless of age.

Once inside you can hire a Bollerwagen (for €3), a type of trailer that you pull behind you.  The idea is that you can put all of your bags of food, drink, swimming clothes, towels etc. in it rather than carrying them, but by the end of the day many end up with tired children in them. [Read more…]

A weekend in Sonsbeck

Last weekend I was invited to take part in a camp for former leaders and helpers of the Scout Group in the town of Sonsbeck, in the Niederrhein part of Germany.

Although I was never an actual member of that particular group, I have been in contact with them for the past 23 years and have visited them regularly throughout that time.

Find out why, and what happened at the camp, in this week’s podcast:

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