The day the terror threat came to Oberursel

It was Thursday, 30th April, 2015.  I don’t know exactly when I read the message, but the post on Facebook at 5.32am simply read “Does anyone what was happening in Oberursel last night?  SWAT team, explosives unit… where was it and why?”

Just as I was leaving to head into town the local radio answered the “where” part of that question: near Edeka on the Hohemarkstraße.  Somewhere I was about to drive past.  Minutes later as I passed the house number 143, there were police vehicles everywhere.  I estimate that there were about 10 police cars and at least one van containing special equipment.

Hohemarkstrasse 143 in OberurselHohemarkstraße 143 in Oberursel where the arrests took place

Soon information started to come out about the arrests of a couple who had been living there, apparently police had searched a flat and a car, finding explosives and firearms. [Read more…]

Mounted police at the Hessentag

This afternoon was an absolute highlight for many children at the Hessentag in Oberursel when two members of the state’s mounted police (Reiterstaffel) arrived on horseback for a session called “Polizei zum Anfassen” (police to touch).

Lara (l) and Filou (r) with their riders at the Hessentag in Oberursel

Lara (l) and Filou (r) with their riders

And touch they did – the two horses, Filou and Lara, were more than happy to be the centre of attention and the children present were allowed to pat and stroke them. [Read more…]

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