Die Flatrate

A Flatrate is a method of paying for telephone calls or for internet usage.

Generally a flatrate will mean that all calls to a particular network or destination are included in a fixed monthly price. Similarly, all internet usage may be included in that price.

Some flatrates do, however, have restrictions on them such as a maximum amount of minutes or Gigabytes that can be used in any one month.

Generally a combined telephone and internet flatrate will cost between 30EUR and 50EUR, although if you are only staying in Germany short-term then you should check the conditions carefully as most providers will want you to take out a 2-year contract.

To hear a simple explanation and a short discussion in German, listen to the podcast:

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Walls in the woods

I have been puzzled for a long time by some walls in the woods near our flat.

The bricks used make me think they are from the 1930s, and they are built in a row like the pillars of a road bridge – but to my knowledge no road has ever gone through these woods.

When I took some photos of them the other day I spotted that one of them has a metal spike on it with something that looks like an old-fashioned television aerial. Did telegraph wires used to connect to it?

The walls can even be seen on the aerial view in Google Maps.


Can anyone tell me what this used to be?

What do you read?

Today the Monday Podcast discusses newspaper reading habits. What and how much do Graham and Maria read? Listen to the podcast to find out and leave a comment to tell us what you read. Also, why are we so eager to go to the newsagents today?


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