Chinese Buffet – All You Can Eat – on Rügen?

China Garten Restaurant in Bergen auf RügenAfter my first visit to the island of Rügen last year I received a question asking if there was a Chinese restaurant on the island offering a buffet, known also as “all you can eat”.

Admittedly I had not eaten at a Chinese restaurant while I had been there, and considering the fresh fish available in many places I did wonder why you would want to.  Of course, I myself went to a restaurant called Riff in Ralswiek, but when I returned to the island this summer I decided to answer the question and find out firstly how many Chinese restaurants I could find and then if any of them offered a buffet service.

In the end I found 4 Chinese restaurants on the island: 3 in Bergen and 1 in Sassnitz.

The one in Sassnitz (China Garten, Hauptstraße 65) does not have a buffet.

So off I went to Bergen and visited the other three, and it turned out that only one of them has a buffet, which is a shame as the other two were easier to park at.  All of them, however, did offer set menus at lunch time.  Often this means a soup and a main course at a discounted price.

These restaurants offered set-price menus and had their own car parks, but did not have a buffet service:

Goldener Drachen, Ringstraße 114

Tsing-Tao, Ringstraße 138

This restaurant offered an “Asia-Büffet”, but did not have a car park:

China Garten, Dammstraße 47 (pictured above)

The buffet there is open daily between 11.30am and 2.30pm, and from 5.30pm until10pm.  It costs €7.50 per person, with children up to 8 years old paying only €3.90 (correct as of June 2012).

If you are lucky then you might find somewhere to park on the street outside, otherwise it is just a short walk from the pay-and-display car park at the Marktplatz.

I cannot comment on the quality of any of the restaurants listed here, as I did not actually eat at them.  But the buffet at the China Garten in Bergen certainly looked popular!


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