Testing the Chinese all-you-can-eat buffet on Rügen

Last year during my time on Rügen I went in search of Chinese “all-you-can-eat” type buffets and found that although there were a number of Chinese restaurants on the island, the only one that I could find offering a buffet was the “China Garten” in the Dammstraße in Bergen auf Rügen.

China Garten in Bergen auf Ruegen

China Garten in Bergen auf Ruegen

But due to lack of time I did not actually go in and try it. So this year, I decided it was time to go and found out just how good the buffet and the restaurant are.

I commented last year on the problem of parking. As it turned out there were plenty of spaces just down the road available, even with a festival going on in the centre of the town, so that was not a problem. [Read more…]

Chinese Buffet – All You Can Eat – on Rügen?

China Garten Restaurant in Bergen auf RügenAfter my first visit to the island of Rügen last year I received a question asking if there was a Chinese restaurant on the island offering a buffet, known also as “all you can eat”.

Admittedly I had not eaten at a Chinese restaurant while I had been there, and considering the fresh fish available in many places I did wonder why you would want to.  Of course, I myself went to a restaurant called Riff in Ralswiek, but when I returned to the island this summer I decided to answer the question and find out firstly how many Chinese restaurants I could find and then if any of them offered a buffet service.

In the end I found [Read more…]

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