Have you got your tickets for the Hessentag yet?

A ticket billboard in OberurselIt was announced this week, that the record for the number of tickets sold for events at a Hessentag had been broken, when Oberursel passed the 120,000 mark – beating the previous record set by Homburg (Efze) in 2008.

This is maybe not surprising considering the number of big names coming to the town during the Hessentag, and with most of the marketing effort so far going into selling exactly those tickets.

Anyone interested in buying the remaining tickets can do so online at the Hessentag ticket shop, or in the Oberursel Rathaus at the Ticket- and Infocentre. For each concert there are usually two prices given, the “Vorverkauf” and the “Abendkasse”.

Vorverkauf is the price if you buy the ticket in advance.  Abendkasse is the price at the door, if any are available.

The Vorverkauf price is usually cheaper and obviously means that you know you will be able to get into the event of your choice, rather than queuing up for the Abendkasse.  However this service comes at a price: in most cases there is a Vorverkaufsgebühr, ie. a charge for selling you the ticket in advance.  For the Hessentag events, this is usually 10%.

In some cases there is even an additional Promotiongebühr – roughly translated that is an advertising fee, for others there is a donation to a charity.  And if you buy online and have the tickets sent to you then there is also the postage to pay.

So what is advertised as costing €49 in advance and €57 on the night, actually costs around €57 in advance, if you include all of the fees (based on a 10% charge and €3.50 postage).

Some events have already sold out

According to the ticket shop website, tickets for Roxette, Bibi Blocksberg and Badesalz are already sold out, and there are only a few left for the Tigerpalast.

But there are apparently still tickets left for Bryan Adams, the Scorpions, Ich+Ich as well as Ernst Hutter & die Egerländer Musikanten.

However you do not need tickets for many of the events going on throughout the 10 days of the Hessentag.  Many in the town centre are either free of charge or for a nominal fee on the day.  We are collecting as many as possible on our Events website, so despite all the marketing going on around the big concerts, there will be plenty to see and do even if you decide not to buy tickets in advance.


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