Inside Oberursel’s Station

Oberursel Station May 2012Last November I had a chance to look around the newly restored station building in Oberursel.  At the time work was still going on inside the building itself.  With the exception of the service store, only the outside had been completed.

That situation has now changed and yesterday I went back to see how the rooms inside have been transformed. [Read more…]

Finding tickets for the Hessentag events on eBay

A ticket billboard in OberurselFor the past half year, most of the advertising for the Hessentag in Oberursel has concentrated on the big name acts and the concerts that visitors need to buy tickets for.  There are posters all over the town and often three or more for the same concert on the same billboard!

Whilst I personally feel that there is a lot more to the Hessentag than just those concerts and that this has been neglected until the full programme came out a few days ago, there is no escaping the fact that many people are coming to Oberursel especially to see people like Bryan Adams, the Scorpions and Roxette.

Except that the tickets are starting to sell out, [Read more…]

Which ticket do you need to get to the Hessentag?

A U-Bahn at the main station in OberurselI’ve talked about the different kinds of tickets available in the RMV area before, some of which are available in advance and others only on the day you use them.

But for the Hessentag, there will be two additional rules in force that may help some visitors, and it affects the Tageskarten.

Obviously the usual tickets are still valid, but: [Read more…]

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