The Railway and Technical Museum on Rügen

Rügen’s Railway and Technical Museum (“Eisenbahn & Technik Museum”) is located in Prora, between the “Koloss” and the railway line. In fact, it is only a short walk from Prora’s station.

The sign at the entrance is a welcome sight for any museum visitor, but especially for bloggers: “entry includes free use of the toilets, the car park and unrestricted photography and filming”. There is indeed a large car park and flash photography is not a problem. Although the museum is so large, that in the main hall a small compact camera’s flash may not have much effect. The toilets, however, are at the furthest possible point in the museum from the entrance.

The entrance to the railway museum on Rügen is through a tramThe entrance to the museum is through a tram

The entrance itself is an usually but fitting way in – through a tram. You climb in at the middle, pay, and go out through one end. For those not able to climb up the steps into the carriage there is, however, a level way in as well. [Read more…]

Bank holiday and Sunday trains to the Hessentag

The trains to the Hessentag today (Whit Monday) are running to a special bank holiday timetable.

Although this has been extended for the Hessentag, it still means that until 11am the trains only run every 30 minutes.

Which I why when I arrived at the station this morning, this was the information board that greeted me:

U-Bahn Information on Whit Monday at 9.05am during the Hessentag

The same timetable will be in operation next Sunday (19th June).

Which ticket do you need to get to the Hessentag?

A U-Bahn at the main station in OberurselI’ve talked about the different kinds of tickets available in the RMV area before, some of which are available in advance and others only on the day you use them.

But for the Hessentag, there will be two additional rules in force that may help some visitors, and it affects the Tageskarten.

Obviously the usual tickets are still valid, but: [Read more…]

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