Which ticket do you need to get to the Hessentag?

A U-Bahn at the main station in OberurselI’ve talked about the different kinds of tickets available in the RMV area before, some of which are available in advance and others only on the day you use them.

But for the Hessentag, there will be two additional rules in force that may help some visitors, and it affects the Tageskarten.

Obviously the usual tickets are still valid, but: [Read more…]

Thank you, whoever you are

A big thank you to whoever stuck this note onto our local ticket machine yesterday, and saving me a repeat of my previous experience!

Scheineinzug defekt

Scheineinzug defekt

What happens when the ticket machine swallows a note?

A ticket machine in OberurselI was on my way back from the Oberursel Christmas Market a few weeks ago, when I encountered a problem at the U-Bahn station.

Having given most of my small change to the street vendors at the market, I tried to pay for my ticket home with a 5 Euro note.

Except that the ticket machine on the side of the tracks going in my direction did not accept notes!  This is a ridiculous situation, considering that the station was re-built within the past year.

With only a few minutes to go until the train arrived, I dashed back across the crossing to the other side to buy my ticket.  Only for the ticket machine to swallow my 5 Euro note. [Read more…]

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