Medici Restaurant-Bar, Frankfurt

Yesterday I was introduced to a new restaurant in Frankfurt: Medici in the Weißadlergasse (near Hauptwache).

The “Business Lunch” consisted of three courses:

Tomate & Mozarella

Beef roulade with cauliflower and swabian noodles

Gingerbread mousse

Both the food and the service were very good and I can definitely recommend the restaurant if you are on business in Frankfurt and looking for somewhere to go to eat.

The address, telephone number and current menu are on the restaurant’s homepage:

Weekly summary as podcast

The weekly summary is once again available as a podcast. Click here to download it:

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German Christmas Cards

Being the first day in December, my thoughts are turning to writing Christmas cards.

So how about ordering Christmas cards from Germany to use if you are living overseas? Sounds crazy? Well, I’ve found a supplier who can deliver to about 120 countries. Why not give them a try:

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