Changes to the stickers on German number plates

Emissions test sticker, expires September 2010If you have ever taken a closer look at a German number plate, then you might have been curious as to what the coloured discs mean, that are stuck onto it.

I’ve answered this question previously in a podcast.  The discs are called “Plaketten”. They show the date of the next M.O.T. (TÜV) and, until recently, the date of the next emissions test.

However, that changed at the beginning of this year, and now both are combined into just one sticker. [Read more…]

Die Hauptuntersuchung

Today in German Words Explained we explain the word “Hauptuntersuchung“.

This is the test that cars have to go through every two years to make sure that they are roadworthy, once they are at least three years old. It is commonly called the “TÜV”.
At the same time, an emissions test (“ASU”) is carried out.

If the tests are successful, coloured discs are stick on the number plates of the car to show the date of the next tests.

Most areas of Germany have their own testing stations, and most car dealers and repair centres also offer this service.

To hear a simple explanation in German, listen to the podcast:

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