Gaudi am Tisch

Gaudi am Tisch is the name of a dish for 4 people at the Brauhaus in Oberursel.

Served in a massive iron frying pan, it contains:

  • Bratkartoffeln (fried potato)
  • Salad
  • Sausages (“Bratwurst” and “Nürnberger Art”)
  • Kassler (smoked and salted pork)
  • Sauerkraut (shredded cabbage)
  • Fleischkäse (meat packed into a loaf and baked)
  • Small Schnitzels (breaded meat)
  • A leg of pork

At the time of writing (March 2010) there is a special offer on Saturdays: Gaudi am Tisch for 4 people includes a 300ml drink for each at 10EUR per person.

Gaudi am Tisch in the Oberursel Brauhaus

Gaudi am Tisch in the Oberursel Brauhaus

Cigar tasting at the Oberursel Brauhaus

How’s this for a novel idea: cigar tasting!

Now, if I’d written “wine tasting” then you’d probably not even have thought it was something special, but cigar tasting?

This is the idea that a local tobacco shop has come up with. The event is to be held on 21st June, 2008 in the Brauhaus in Oberursel.

Customers will have the chance to watch a professional cigar maker from Cuba roll individual cigars for them to try – and enjoy a 4 course meal at the same time. The cigars will then be accompanied by a glass of rum.

It’s a fascinating idea, isn’t it? Well, at least for cigar smokers!

The evening costs 89EUR (incl. MwSt) and the tickets are available at the shop or the Brauhaus itself.

For more information, please contact them using their contact form.

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