Christmas Markets – Weihnachtsmärkte

Frankfurt Christmas Market 2006

It’s Christmas Market time again in Germany. A list of the major Christmas Markets can be found in the Calender.

I hope to visit several of the markets and will report back here during December. If you can’t wait that long, why not listen to last year’s podcast?

Buß- und Bettag

Buß- und Bettag is a day celebrated in the Evangelical Church. It is a day on which to change one’s direction and to turn to God as the Church year comes to an end and we move towards Advent.

It was previously a national holiday, but this was changed from 1995 onwards to finance the new Pflegeversicherung. It remains a holiday in Saxony.

Many families start their Christmas preparations on this day, for example they bake the first Christmas biscuits.

To hear a simple explanation and a short discussion in German, listen to the podcast:

(Press the “play” button to listen to the podcast)

Download a transcript

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German Christmas Cards

It is almost December, and our thoughts will soon be turning towards Christmas cards.

So how about ordering Christmas cards from Germany to use if you are living overseas? Sounds crazy? Well, last year I found a supplier who can deliver to about 120 countries. I was asked to remind readers of the blog a little earlier this year. So here is the link again.

Why not give them a try:

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