Three weeks to Brexit

With three weeks left to go until the possibility of a “no deal” Brexit, and yet apparently people are not doing enough to prepare for it.

This is according to an import assessment by the UK Government which can be downloaded here.

It warns that only two thirds of critical projects are ready and trade agreements are not yet in place.  If talks of letting hauliers to pass through the UK/French Border controls without stopping, as long as their paperwork is correct, but also of the additional need for customs declarations and the burden that will place on businesses.

The report admits that 30% of the UK’s food supply comes from the EU and warns of price increases.

Other countries, it would seem, have be preparing for Brexit: [Read more…]

Minister Axel Wintermeyer at the Landesausstellung

On Sunday I was invited to accompany Staatsminister (Minister of State) Axel Wintermeyer around the Landesausstellung (County Show) at the Hessentag as part of the press pack. Minister Wintermeyer is head of the State Chancellery.

Ironically, I was one of the few to take advantage of the invitation, the irony of the situation being that it was his department that refused my press accreditation only a few days beforehand!

Minister Wintermeyer with his staff in Hall 1 at the Hessentag in Oberursel

Minister Wintermeyer with his staff and a Hessen mug in Hall 1

The Minister started his tour at his own department’s stand in Hall 1, where visitors were being offered a mug with the Hessian coat of arms on it in return for a donation of at least €2.  The funds raised are due to be donated to the Oberurseler Werkstätten (workshops for the disabled). [Read more…]

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