Oberursel wants to examine selling off real estate

Oberursel’s town council decided in their last meeting before the summer break to examine the case for selling of unprofitable properties, most of which are currently rented out below the market rate and need a large number of repairs carried out to them.

My article about the debate is on page 5 in the Oberurseler Woche. Click here to read it online (in German).


Each year in Oberursel, an event called “Fischerstechen” takes place on one of the local lakes, the “Maasgrundweiher”. Teams compete to push each other off the end of the boat an into the lake, making it a sort of jousting competition but with boats.

My article about the event this year is on the front page of the Oberurseler Woche. Click here to read it (in German).

Akademiker schicken die „Vikinger“ baden

Plans for new animal shelter revealed

Just over a week ago the modell and plans for the new animal shelter in Oberurselwere revealed at a press conference that also included a tour of the site to show us where the new building will be located.

My article about it appeared in the Oberurseler Woche this week. Click here to read it (in German).

Pläne für Tierheim-Neubau vorgestellt

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