Open-air theatre in Oberursel

Each year one of the regular attractions in Oberursel is the open-air theatre production called “Theater im Park”.

The production, featuring local actors, started in 1994 and performs a different play if each.  Until last year, this took place at the “Villa Gans”, just off the old main road between Oberursel and Königstein.

This year, for the first time, the plays are being held in the grounds of the “Klinik Hohe Mark”, which is a short walk from the end of the U-Bahn line at the northern end of Oberursel.

The play this year is called “Datterich”, Datterich being the name of one of the leading characters.  Herr Datterich used to be an official in the tax office in Oberursel, but now spends much of his time in the town’s public houses and hiding from those he himself owes money to.

And although the play originates from Darmstadt, it has been adapted to fit in with the geography of Oberursel, and is performed in the local Hessian dialect.

So the town is referred to as “Orschel” and the folk order their drinks in “Budells” and pay with “Dahlers”.

This means that even some native German speakers require either the translation guide contained within the programme, or help from their neighbours.  Visitors from overseas may require a little more help, although with a little bit of imagination it is possible to work out the meanings of many of the words.

The “Budell”, for example, is a bottle.  The Hessian word developed out of the French “Bouteille”.

The 'Datterich' Ensemble giving a preview performance at the Epinayplatz, Oberursel

The 'Datterich' Ensemble giving a preview performance at the Epinayplatz, Oberursel

The production is rounded off by the appearance of the narrator, who musically gives the audience background information on the events as well as warning them to watch out for anyone adding an extra drink to their bill at the bar during the interval!

Datterich only has two more performances left in this year: on Friday and Saturday this week (23rd & 24th July).  But it will be reprised next year when the Hessentag is held in Oberursel, so there will be another chance to see it then.

Tickets are sold in advance at the OK Service-Center in Kumeliusstr. 8, near the Epinay-Platz, or – subject to availability – in the park.

A park bench

Admittedly this is not a very interesting post, but I am trying out a service called TwitPic.

So here is my first TwitPic photo: a park bench in the sun, taken last weekend:

© G.Tappenden 2009

Should I post more photos this way?

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