The price of train tickets

Not just the price of food went up last year, travelling by train became more expensive from the middle of December, as the Tagesschau news reported.

The prices for tickets, bahncards and reservations rose, even the price of the “Schönes-Wochenende-Ticket” went up to 35EUR.

Deutsche Bahn have, however, added new destinations for the fast ICE trains, which may well be very useful for people wanting to travel around Europe, with the new connections to Paris, Vienna and Copenhagen.

People living in Germany who have a Bahncard and who travel around Europe may be able to make use of the RailPlus option – until now an optional (charged) extra, that according to the Tagesschau article is now included in the price of the Bahncard 50.

All these prices rises may not go down too well with travellers, who at the moment are suffering at the hands of the train drivers’ strikes that took place in the autumn of last year and may well be repeated in the early part of 2008 if talks break down again.

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