Landing in crosswind at Düsseldorf airport

Germany has been battered by two storms over the last week.

This film, posted on YouTube, shows planes landing at Düsseldorf airport during the high winds.

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Blogging in Germany: Videos and Podcasts

Mikrofon - ©Can Stock Photo Inc. / devonIf you have read my last few posts about the problems of blogging in Germany, then you will probably not be surprised to learn that making a video or an audio podcast to put online is not easy.

Let’s start with the easy part: filming something and then publishing the film, is basically no different to the situation with a photo.

But with audio, things get even more complicated.  As you might imagine, you cannot just record something and then use it.  If I record an interview for a podcast then I either get written permission to use the recording, or – if the interview is conducted by telephone – ask the interviewee to confirm their agreement once the “record” button has been pressed. [Read more…]

KiKa Summer Tour – The Video

I’ve put together a short film from the footage that I shot in Wiesbaden a couple of weeks ago at the KiKa Summer Tour:

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