Plans for new animal shelter revealed

Just over a week ago the modell and plans for the new animal shelter in Oberurselwere revealed at a press conference that also included a tour of the site to show us where the new building will be located.

My article about it appeared in the Oberurseler Woche this week. Click here to read it (in German).

Pläne für Tierheim-Neubau vorgestellt

A new fire engine for forest fires

When a new “Tanklöschfahrzeug-Wald” (or TLF-W for short) was presented to the fire brigade in Bommersheim, I was there for the Oberurseler Woche. They even explained all the special equipment on board for me.

Click here to read my article (in German).

Ein Spritzenfahrzeug extra für Wald- und Vegetationsbrände

Orscheler helfen Orschelern

Last night in “Orschel2nite” I spoke to local comedian Peter Schüßler (in German) about the charity “Orscheler helfen Orschelern”:

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