Is there enough room here for a cycle path?

At the northern end of Oberursel the cycle path leading out of the town stops, although overtaking cyclists is prohibited at the level crossing. There are calls for the cycle path to be continued up to the Hohemark:

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€1.500 for Orscheler helfen Orschelern

Local cyclist John Degenkolb, who took part in the cycle race on 1st May through Oberursel, auctioned off the body suit he wore in the race at the car exhibiton “Autos in der Allee” to support the recently formed charity “Orscheler helfen Orschelern e.V.”

Pub Landlord Thomas Studanski was the highest bidder, offering €1.500, and the signed body suit is to be hung up in his restaurant “Das Waldtraut” at the Taunus Information Centre.

John Degenkolb (left) handing over his body suit to auction winner Thomas Studanski on 14th May, 2022 in Oberursel, as organiser Zaklina Koch looks on.

Oberursel’s “Day of the Bicycle”

Oberursel is a very bicycle-friendly town.  We have new cycle paths running along the Hohemarkstraße (albeit with some traffic lights that often get ignored), a major cycle race passes through the town each year, you can hire bikes at the new Taunus Information Centre, and there were even special signs and stands for cyclists at the Hessentag last year.

Andreas Ripken (ADFC) engraving a cycle frame during Tag des Fahrrads in Oberursel, February 2012

Andreas Ripken (ADFC) engraving a cycle frame

And then there is the Tag des Fahrrads – the day of the bicycle, which was held last weekend on Sunday at the Stadthalle.  More than 1,000 people turned up to find out more about using GPS navigation, places to visit in the summer, e-bikes (pedelecs), or simply just to find out what models the local dealers have on offer.

The event was organised by the town itself and the local brance of the cycle club ADFC, who were also on hand to “code” visitors’ bike. [Read more…]

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