Hello Neighbour

In a series called “Hallo Nachbar” the twinning association in Oberursel is holding evenings on a number of subjects connected with the countries where Oberursel has twin towns.

When it came to the evening about the United Kingdom, guest speaker Nicholas Jefcoat from the German-British Society (Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft) talked about the effects of Brexit, the forthcoming General Election and current events in the Royal Family.

I was there for the Oberurseler Woche, click here to read my report (in German).

Hallo Nachbar - Nicholas Jefcoat with Margit Schlesinger-Stoll in Oberursel, 22nd March, 2024


Some links to interesting news stories in Germany today:

Gutachten wies auf Fehler beim U-Bahn-Bau hin
This week the city archive of Cologne collapsed.  An underground line being built in front of it is being discussed as one of the possible causes.  Now it appears that were warnings about the structure of the new line 5 years ago.

Zahlte Opel keine Steuern?
Opel would like the German state to help them out financially, but now a magazine is claiming that the company did not pay taxes in Germany and instead transferred profits to GM.

Patentstreit um Google-Handy in Deutschland
Google would like to sell their new mobile phone in Germany, but a Taiwanese phone manufacturer is claiming that they are infringing on existing patents.

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