First snow of the winter

For the best part of last week we were being told in the weather forecast that snow was on the way for the weekend.

Well, it arrived Friday night, and snowed through most of Saturday and this evening (Sunday) there has been even more.  There was a beautiful sight out of my office window this evening – with the yellow street lamp lighting up the fresh snow.

No photo of that, unfortunately.  But some from the rest of the weekend:

First snow...

First snow...

... more snow ...

... more snow ...

... and the result!

... and the result!

Happy Easter – Frohe Ostern! would like to wish a Happy Easter to all our readers.

Photo taken at a local supermaket on 8th February!

Walls in the woods

I have been puzzled for a long time by some walls in the woods near our flat.

The bricks used make me think they are from the 1930s, and they are built in a row like the pillars of a road bridge – but to my knowledge no road has ever gone through these woods.

When I took some photos of them the other day I spotted that one of them has a metal spike on it with something that looks like an old-fashioned television aerial. Did telegraph wires used to connect to it?

The walls can even be seen on the aerial view in Google Maps.


Can anyone tell me what this used to be?

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