It will soon cost money to park here

There are plans to introduce parking fees at the Park&Ride car park at the “Hohemark” station on the U3 line in Oberursel.

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Bergen auf Rügen

When I arrived on Rügen, one of the first places that I went to was the island’s capital, Bergen.

Bergen auf Rügen somehow felt familiar, even though I had never been there before.  It reminded me of other places that I had visited on the North Sea coast, even though it is actually located some way inland.  I think this was a mixture of the architecture and the layout of the town, of maybe it is something that many towns along the coast have in common.

The market square and a car park is located at the centre of the town, although – perhaps confusingly – the signs to the free car park called “Zentrum” actually take you in a different direction.  From that car park it is a 10 minute walk to market square along a tree-covered road.

The market square in Bergen auf Rügen

The market square

Once there, the most noticeable building is the Benedix House, named after the family that used to live there, it is considered to be the oldest residential house on the island of Rügen and was apparently built in 1538.  It currently houses the tourist information office. [Read more…]

How to get to the Hessentag: by car

CarOf course, not everyone lives near enough to Oberursel to come to the Hessentag by bicycle, or has the convenience of a train line nearby to get there by S-Bahn or U-Bahn.  Many people will still want to come by car.

But with the town closed to traffic for the entire duration of the Hessentag (except to residents), drivers will need to head to one of the two car parks that are being set up especially for the event.

It is also worth noting, that you cannot get from one side of Oberursel to the other – even the residents have to take a detour via Heddernheim or Oberhöchstadt.

The first car park is located at an area called the Drei Hasen, [Read more…]

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