The new Youth Club (Jugendtreff) in Oberstedten

Kirchstrasse 34 in OberstedtenI must have driven past the building that houses the Jugendtreff or youth club in Oberstedten – part of Oberusel – many times without realising that it is there.  For me, the building housed the local Amtsgericht or court, but yesterday I found out just how much more goes on in there.

The room has been restyled and redecorated, and yesterday the grand opening took place with a number of the town’s dignitaries in attendance.

And whilst it is just one room that is available for Oberstedten’s teenagers to meet in, that room is not just a big open space.  Following a “beach bar” theme, there are corners where people can sit and chat but also an open space that contains a table-top football game (“Kicker”) and a pool table.  There is also plenty of space outside that can be used in the summer months.

Inside the Jugendtreff at the Opening

This is, however, just the latest use for this room.  Local residents who were at the opening told me that although it is known as the Altes Rathaus or Old Town Hall, the building was housed the village school and even the public baths. [Read more…]

The new face of Oberursel’s administration

The local elections last year in Oberursel saw a change in the ruling coalition.  The parties CDU and FDP had held a majority for many years and suddenly found themselves replaced by a mixture of the Green, SPD and OBG parties.

At the end of the day, no party holds more than a third of the seats, so the only chance for the town’s parliament to move anything forward is to work together.

It is something that is reflected in the new structure of the town’s administration in the Rathaus. [Read more…]

Electric cars travelled from Stadtallendorf to Oberursel

During the Hessentag in Oberursel last Sunday, a collection of electric cars arrived from Stadtallendorf.

The electric cars in front of Hall 1 at the Hessentag in Oberursel

The electric cars at the Landesausstellung

Stadtallendorf had held the event last year, and the owners of the cars were keeping up a tradition of travelling from one Hessentagstadt to another.  [Read more…]

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